Entrepreneurial Leadership

Real Techniques for Managing Growth and Opportunity In Your Business
6-Week Online Workshop for High Performance

Group Office Hours With Your Coach: Live via webcast.
6 Projects With Coaching Feedback: Weekly lessons, high-impact projects, and daily actions to transform your work. Personalized guidance and feedback from your coach.

Have a small team or want to sign up as an individual? Register for our community course starting Jan 30.

Your team will learn management skills from visionary leaders, including Facebook executive turned entrepreneur Debra Bednar-Clark, and career coach and former Google HR executive Swati D. Doshi, to drive growth and opportunity for your business. Your team will hear from experts and apply new tactical skills through project-based work with input from a coach.

This course will cover topics designed to support new or future managers as they embark on a leadership path.


Video lessons with industry experts

Teams will learn from digestible lessons shared through personal storytelling that can be watched on demand when schedules allows.


Coaching and project feedback

Team members will get individualized feedback and coaching from an industry expert and collaborate with peers.



Individuals will take self-guided assessments to define areas for improvement and see personal progress.
Or add-on additional assessments: Gain deep insights through personality assessments, including Myers Briggs Type Indicator or the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series. Contact us for more details.

Customize your team’s experience


Industry-specific coaches

We’ll find the right coach to help your employees get to their maximum potential and your business reach its goals.


Tailor content to your business goals

One-size-fits-all models sometimes miss opportunities for growth in your industry. We customize content so it’s applicable to your objectives and goals.


Set the duration

Whether you want your employees to go through a bootcamp or an ongoing program, we can create the perfect timeline for what you need.

Lessons from Industry Experts

Debra Bednar-Clark  Founder,  DB+co  and former Facebook Executive

Debra Bednar-Clark
Founder, DB+co and
former Facebook Executive

Barry Martin  Co-founder, Tell-Ignite

Barry Martin
Co-founder, Tell-Ignite

Swati D. Doshi  Founder of  Human Results , former Google HR & sales leader

Swati D. Doshi
Founder of Human Results, former Google HR & sales leader

Amanda Pacitti  Former Learning & Development exec, Time Inc.

Amanda Pacitti
Former Learning & Development exec, Time Inc.

Mike Kleba  Educator and  CEO, DegreeCast

Mike Kleba
Educator and
CEO, DegreeCast

Jeff Pucillo  Co-founder, Tell-Ignite

Jeff Pucillo
Co-founder, Tell-Ignite

Have a small team or want to sign up as an individual? Register for our community course starting Jan 30.

How it works

  • Personalized coaching from an industry professional
  • Group collaboration in workshops
  • Lessons featuring industry leaders
  • Impact projects adapted to your business
  • Actions
  • Discussions and peer networking
  • Certificates you can earn to show your accomplishment

By the end of the course, you will know how to:

  • Set team objectives and define key results to optimize performance
  • Integrate personal strengths with your leadership style
  • Build cohesive teams
  • Advocate for your initiatives with powerful storytelling
  • Coach your team through change
  • Give and receive feedback for high performance
  • Problem-solve with the best techniques from design thinking

Sample Course Overview

Session 1 | Setting Your Course: Self Assessment and Goals

  • Program orientation
  • Personal goal-setting
  • Course roadmap

Session 2 | Whole-Self Leadership: Integrate Your Personal Strengths with Your Leadership Style

  • Learn to develop a personal theme that guides your work and informs your leadership style
  • Assess your personal strengths and areas for opportunity.
  • Define your ‘whole self’ and let it guide your decision making.

with Debra Bednar-Clark, founder of DB+co, former Facebook executive

Session 3 | Conspirator Leadership: The Power of Empathy in Team Building

  • Discover what it means to be a “Conspirator Leader.”
  • Learn how empathy drives performance for a team.
  • Find out how to create empathy practices in your routine.

with Mike Kleba, educator and CEO of edtech company DegreeCast

Session 4 | Storytelling: Use Narrative Techniques to Deliver Vital Information

  • Discover how to use key storytelling techniques to communicate effectively -- whether it’s to a large group at a major meeting or one-on-one with a team member.
  • Learn how to build stories through listening to your business prospects and employees.

with Barry Martin & Jeff Pucillo, founders of brand strategy firm Tell-Ignite

Session 5 | Coaching: Initiate the Team Development Formula Used at Top Companies

  • Learn what Google’s innovation team found in their extensive research to uncover the behaviors of great bosses.
  • Find out how Google trains leaders on coaching.
  • Learn how to coach for high performance and how to ensure your approach is consistent across your team.

with Swati D. Doshi, founder of executive coaching firm Human Results, former Google HR & Sales Leader

Session 6 | Feedback: Give and Receive Feedback for High Performance

  • Learn how to motivate a team of one or many with a simple feedback approach that drives high performance – whether you’re praising someone for success or having a tough (or even awkward) conversation.
  • Understand how to give – and receive – specific developmental feedback to your direct reports, peers, and even your boss.

with Amanda Pacitti, former learning & development exec at Time Inc.

“Leading with your whole self is ultimately about having the courage to lead like yourself and in your own way.”

—Debra Bednar-Clark, founder, DB+co

Have a small team or want to sign up as an individual? Register for our community course starting Jan 30.