We create the perfect mix of features that works for your audience or team

  • Live instruction via webcast

  • Case studies from industry leaders

  • Engaging lessons via livestream or recorded video

  • Projects tailored to the participant’s real work

  • Personal assessments to measure progress

  • Peer connections and discussions

  • Real takeaways that drive changes in behavior and work

  • Responsive and dependable customer service

  • Feedback from a dedicated coach


We’ve incorporated these components into our courses to create a supportive, outcome-oriented online learning experience that people love.

Train your staff (or yourself) with our upcoming courses:

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 An e-learning program customized for your business goals

Your own online learning program

Edmaker started as an online education consultancy, and that part of our business continues to grow. We help companies craft custom corporate training for their staff and we also provide businesses with a unique way to engage with their customers.

Hosting specialized courses helps you build your business and gives you the opportunity to:

  • Build a new revenue stream through online learning

  • Engage with your customers in new ways

  • Expand audience and reach, generate new leads

  • Gain authority in your space

  • Build relationships and a community of a loyal audience

  • Improve SEO and online discoverability


How we help you

Envision Opportunity

We can help you envision the best learning experience for your audience and business goals.

  • Strategic planning

  • Course and online event planning

  • Financial modeling

Build Online Experiences

You provide subject matter guidance, and we create courses that inspire your audience and achieve results.

  • Course creation

  • Guest speaker development

  • Curriculum planning

  • Platform setup for all online, interactive learning tools

  • Customized animated video lessons

Operate Customer Satisfaction

We manage all operations for your school and help identify opportunities for growth.

“Thanks to you, I will never think of an online class as 'impersonal' again!”

—Helen Gutierrez, Collection Manager | Maricopa County Library District

  • Full service operations

  • Marketing

  • Customer service

  • Tech support

  • Community management for online courses, events, and webcasts

Success stories

We create education that matches our clients' brand and audience needs.

Our online learning experiences engage audiences, train employees, and generate leads.

Here's what our clients and 10,000 users had to say. They ❤ us.


Inc. hosted leading CEOs to teach hundreds of startup founders in a live, online coaching environment that spawned new businesses and extended the Inc. events business.

“Carmen Scheidel came to us so highly recommended that I doubted she’d ever live up to the advance billing. But she did that and more. She and her team built a seminar business for Inc. and poured their hearts into running it. She proved to be a dream business partner: She is great to work with, a fountain of creative ideas and an utterly trustworthy ally who takes ownership of whatever task she assumes.”

—Eric Schurenberg, President and Editor-In-Chief, Inc.


“You and your team of stellar industry experts got my gears turning and helped me formalize a plan of attack.”

—Lisa Shorr, Inc. Startup Accelerator participant and founder of Shorr Success image consultancy


Library Journal


Library Journal developed their online professional development program from idea to successful new revenue line within months. Executed on the strategic opportunity to build and run a successful, varied education program for librarians learning leadership, space design, and new technology and innovation.


"You were the most responsive, best organized and most supportive team I've encountered anywhere."

—Lee VanOrsdel, Dean of University Libraries at Grand Valley State University

“Edmaker was an invaluable partner in launching our online learning initiative, from strategic planning and project management, to program development and speaker recruitment."

—Guy Gonzalez, Director of Content Strategy & Audience Development,
Library Journal and School Library Journal, Media Source Inc.

Moxie Mentoring

Moxie Mentoring transformed their best-in-class in-person training into instructor-led online workshops to coach and support employees learning new skills. 

“Edmaker’s attention to detail and options for customizations seem limitless. Our business would not be where it is today without partnering with the team at Edmaker.”

— Shari Dalton, CEO, Moxie Mentoring